Click here to read the four student-nominated, editor-selected poems from
the Class of 2011 -- featured with a poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins!

Celanie A. / Teenage Life
Fatima A. / Vacation
Megan A. / Gravity
Yasmeen A. / Forever Uncrossed
Xavier Abreu / I Remember
Simon Adamson / The Persistence of Memory
Marissa Akimchuk / The Long Lane of Love
Christopher Alessandrini / The Day I Did Not Board the 7:19 at South Station
Hannah Arnow / Dreamscape
Anna Asquith / Muir Woods
Michael Aster / Bottle
Allison B. / Lunch
Anna B. / Spring Cleaning
Elissa B. / First Encounter
Lotte B. / Tulips
Gardiner B. / Still Life
Grace Bachman / Solace
Emma Badra / Car and Driver
Danielle Bae / The Infinite Love
Dineth Bandarage / Always a Friend
Naveen Bantu / Apology Poem
Christopher Batty / Thrill Of A Race
Paige Beaulieu / The Hunt
Alex Beja / Alone not Lonely
Alana Benson / Warm
Lucia Berger / Detachable Groove
Swetal Bhatt / Memory Flashes:
Charlie Blackett / The Pressure is There
Natalie Bond / Army Bullets
Amanda Bouchard / The Game of Basketball
Dylan Bowers / Late...Again
Lizzie Brami / An Accomplished Apology
Anice Brandao / delivery
Sarah Breitenfeld / A Lost Friend
Julia Brown / The Chaotic Kitchen-a Hub of Love
Olivia Burger / Space
Lauren Buschini / Yes, We Can
Alaina C. / Lexington Center
Aly C. / Black & White
Andrea C. / Memory Poem
Corinne C. / Cape House
Victoria C. / The Ring that Glows
Blake C-Thomas / people
Lauren Carter / The Tree Outside My Window
David Chang / None Without The Other
Hyeong Cho / Boating On the River
JungMun Choi / A Special Gift from the Sky
Shirho Lee Choi / Greeting from My Brother
Taeho Choi / Revival
Will Chow / Changing a Life
Greg Chun / Under what?
Olivia Cincotta / Chocolate Chip Mornings
Jaina Cipriano / Untitled
Bethany Cohen / Refreshed
Nikki Cohen / Ford Explosion
Kayla Cooke / The Comet
Elise Cormier / Senses of the Game
Paul Cornett / Popular
Paul Coste / What Is Responsibility?
Charlotte Cramer / For the Missing
Peter Crampton / The Ditch Diggers
Callia Cummings / July's Blazing Heat
Mackenzie Cyr / Freedom
Chelsea D. / Out the Door
Elizabeth D. / Heaven
Julia D. / My Beach
Kate D. / Memories
Kevin D. / 10 ways of looking at a book by Kevin Dasilva
Matthew D. / Walking
Nicole Dahan / A Slow Decay
John Daley / Nana
Rachel Davidow / My Torture Chamber
Geoffrey Davidson / Ode to Weekends
Fiona Davies / A Smile
Joey Denning / Ways to Listen to Music
Joni Deutsch / Wands for Wishing
Andrew Ding / Some Golfer
Emily Dodson / Eye-Full
Han Sol Doh / What's to Come
Kate Donahue / Amnesia
Molly Doran / I Can't Live Without It
Catherine Dugan / Brought Back Home
Sneha Durgapal / Winterís Luminance
Laura Easton / A Key for a Lock
Cal Ellowitz / Rain
Derek Embry / Sarge
Ally Engelberg / Shelves
Ari Eriksson / memories
Liz Estey / Living a Dream (sort of)
Bridget Everett / The Still Water
Stefon Everett / ~I'm With Whateva~
Juliet Eyraud / A Day at the Circus
Natalia F. / Secrets in the Sky
Diana Fager / The Grace Fliers
Kelsey Fenn / An Attitude Not My Own
Evan Finch / The All-Nighter
Sarah Fishman / Mountain Climb
Noele Flowers / This One Tuesday...
Elyse Frenchman / Class-bound
Nathan Fudenberg / The Forgotten Library
Andrea G. / Iíve Got My Eyes on the Path
Jamie G. / The Window
Jennie G. / Summer Strawberries
Ryan Gallant / Nature
Michael Ramirez Gants / G-d Is Silent
Wendi Gao / Perfection
Kaustubh Garimella / The Hunt of the Wolves
Adam Garland / New York Summertime
Jared Garland / The Benefits of Educational Radio
Abhilash Gazula / The Trees
John Giliberto / Last Moments of a Dying Man
Keegan Go / A Nip at the Buds
Olivia Goolkasian / On Top of the World
Julia Gordon / Lights, Curtains, Action!
Trevor Gordon / An Emotional Game
Brigid Gorry-Hines / Mirror World
Vivian Guo / Simplicity
Austin H. / Fire, What Is It Good For?
Conor H. / Big Boone
Jessica H. / Student Comments
Jorie H. / Observation
Joshua H. / My Sleeping Place
Meghan H. / The Binder
Sophie H. / Bench Seat
Efrat Hamami / Memories
Caroline Hammond / The Conscience of an Adolescent Athlete
Amy Han / Mysterious Windows
Jason Hang / The Q Line to Canal
Scarlett Hao / Uncle Steve
Aileen Haque / Ode to Coat
Julia Harden / Limbo
Christopher Hart / Procrastination
Phoebe Heretz / Day and Age
Lisa Heyda / Bailey
Diana Hines / A Piece Of Me
Amit Hirani / A Dance to Remember
Emily Holton / Big Bob
Courtney Hsu / Daydream
Matt Hunter / What Will You Do?
Alice I. / A Perfect 3 Months
Charles Leif Inouye / Only in Dreams
Evan Ioakimidis / The Sunflower
Michon J. / Sorry
Steven J. / Hungry Dogs
Charles Jackan / A Summerís Night
Leslie Jaw / Greylock
Kate Jeong / At Last
Stevie Jick / Running the Light
Michelle Johnson / Under a Yellow Slide
Sam Jones / Circles
Carolyn K. / Life Learned Late
Dan K. / Grandparentsí House
Ellen K. / Departure.
Emily K. / Love's Roller-Coaster
Lizz K. / Under the Roof
Michael K. / Homeless
Nawal K. / The Old Lady at the Bus Stop
Vanessa Kam / Friendship Forever
Adam Kane / Ritual
Ha-Young Kang / A Girlís Bubble
John M. Kenny / The Man on the Bench
Allie Kerper / The Girl and the Feather
Inrava Khasnabish / The Elevator is Broken
Lana Kim / Mystic Creature
Abby Knecht / The Battle Road of Lexington, Massachusetts
Lindsay Koso / Julius
Connor Kozin / Serene Speed
Pooja Kumar / The 3-D Award
Sophie Kwass / The Bottom
Jasper L. / Summer Today
Kevin L. / Perfection
Paige L. / Fat Lip
Tim Lawler / The Last Shot
Benjamin Leader / The Beginnerís Dive
Jinjoo Lee / Dreams
Kristen Leonelli / Darwin: Beauty and Beast
Davonte Lewis / Perception
Carl Lian / Bittersweet
Alex Lieber / Fireworks
J. Lin / Thorns
Nina Liu / The Burning City
Lovisa Lj. / Egg Destruction
Jessica Lo / Routine
Heather Logan / At the Corner
Herman Luther / Always By My Side
Yaakov Lyubetsky / Strapping In
Andrew M. / Of What Once Was
Karlisha M. / Toes
Michael M. / Introducing: The Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Sarah M. / Ambrosial Cradle
Kiran Mani / The Crystal and the Brass
William Marcal / A New America
Eric Marcantonio / 5 Ways to Look at the Gym
Alison Marqusee / The Great White
Matthew Martel / Ode to Fire
Krystal Masseri / Inspiration
Alison Matte / Piano
Aviva Mattingly / Losing Athena
Andrew Mazur / Summer Nights
Gabe Meadow / Promise of A Defeated Villain
Surya Menon / Springtime
Katherine Mirani / Ode to Barbie
Murti Mistri / Three Seconds
Daniel Mock / Spring
Andy Molgaard / The Best Medication
Demetri Monovoukas / A Man Among Boys
Matthew Mooney / The Noise Of The Sweet Ball
Troy Moran / A Man I Never Knew
John Murphy / Freedom
Kevin Muszynski / The End of Invincibility
Amy N. / What is "Perfect" ?
Wally N. / Darned Socks
David Nardella / The Dream I Had...
Dennis Nesline / Train of Consequences
Joshua Novelline / Where It All Belongs
Juliana O. / Mountainous Stairwell
Luan O. / The Pool
Jacquelyn O'Connor / Not My Turn
Jessica Oh / Grandmother
Jinah Oh / Flower Child
Leyla Omeragic / A Lingering Past
Gabe Orduna / The Duty of Watching
Ben Osher / Eulogy
Alisha P. / Archie
Clara P. / The Kite of Life
Kyle P. / Playoffs
Divya Padmanabhan / Stepping Stones
Hao-Kai Pai / Ladder
Dastan Pakyari / Snowflake
Oliver Panak / The Dream Fairy
Juhee Park / At an airport once again
Anna Parker / It is I
Tara Patel / Necklace
Amy Patterson / Dear Mica
George Penniman / Midnight Fishing
Sarah Peralta / Unfinished Swing Set
Danielle Peters / Perseverance
Liz Pongratz / My Bliss
Luke Psyhojos / Iraqi Children
Sophia Psyhojos / The Start of Summer
Nicholas Q. / Recognition
Wilson Qin / Great Aspirations
Jenny R. / Nostalgia
Olivia R. / The Winding Road Ahead
Oren R. / My Dog Speaks:
Andrea Randolph / Give, Give, Daughter
Eleanor Rask / Peaches
Atri Raychowdhury / The Battle of Performance
Jordan M. Rios / Gaining Days
Benjamin Robertson / The Story of Less Holmes & The True Story of the God Lovers Cult.
Britany Robinson / Rock "N" Roller Coaster
Frederica Rockwood / Companion
Emily Roizin / Hibernation
Abi Ross / My Still Place
Scoop Ruxin / "That's Baseball"
Amanda S. / The Cycle
Elizabeth S. / Dear Grandma,
Jill S. / My Heaven
Kaitlin S. / An Overrated Cherub
Louisa S. / February 5
Matthew S. / Summers at the Cape
Michalyn S. / Terror Within
Peter S. / My Old Man
Samrat Saha / The Little Boy
Derek Samia / Around all corners
Neha Sandeep / The Television
Erik Schembor / Standing Up Through Disaster
Rachael Seaward / What I Hate About You
Samantha Segall / A Flat Line
Yoona Seon / The Guy
Benjamin Sharma / How Small Is Small
Kayla Sheffield / When Does Forever End?
Young Jae Shin / The Sun
Michaela Shtilman-Minkin / Walking Heart
Catherine Sibert / Eastern Standard Time
Benjamin Silberman / Warmth of a Blanket
Gwen Sloan / I Am Not a Poet
Q. Snellings / Los NiŮos
Michael South / The Garden
Nikil Srinivasan / The Society of Octogenarians
Adrian Stewart / My Grandfather
Miranda Strominger / Polaroid (The Land Camera)
Alex Stuart / With Success
Kelsey Sym / An Earthly Zion
Andrew T. / A Kingdom Called Peace & Descriptions
Daniel T. / Car Ride
Jeffrey T. / All Hallow's Eve
Victoria T. / A Metropolitan High School
Angela Tai / The Sting
Matt Tambor / The Pit
Adrian Tanner / The Commons
Ford Thanakhun / Lone Raptor
Jackson Thea / Everything Else
Natasha Thiagalingam / Grand Garden
Chihiro Tsukamoto / Worn-out Friendships
Cameron Ulmer / A Trip Through
Jordan Vanderhooft / Tropical Paradise
Arjun Vellayappan / The Shining Kurta
Hannah W. / Reflection
Hannah W. / Memoir
Joanna W. / The Bridge
Helen Walsh / Stretch Marks
Andrew Wang / Heavenly Snow
Flora (Yuan) Wang / The Limbo Room
G. Wilson / Ceased in Mid-Air
Eliot Wong / The Nightmare
Eric Wong / Investigation
Shannon Woods / Memorial Drive
Spencer Wright / Held in England
Amy Y. / Us
Lanbo Yang / Light
Kat Yeboah / Manomet (A Summer Town)
Salma Yehia / The One and Only
Catherine Z. / Sunshine
Eugenia Z. / Dance Studio
Perry Zang / Son of a Clown
Vanessa Zarba / A Rapidly Fading Memory
Wanying Zhang / A Flower
Dawei Zhao / Memories/Dream




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