Corinne C.

Cape House

Every summer,
We went back
To that house
On that road
By that beach.

Every summer,
We were delighted to see
The old shingled house
And the beautiful garden
Next to the rocky driveway.

Every summer,
All us crazy cousins
And our uncles
And our aunts
Stayed there together.

Every summer,
We went to the beach
Where we felt the hot sand through our toes
And smelled the salty air
While we made huge sandcastles.

Every summer,
We went on the wooden swings
And played all kinds of tag
On the green grass
In our little bare feet.

Every summer,
We smelled the juicy hamburgers
And the sweet corn on the cob
On the long picnic table
When Grandma confirmed it was suppertime.

Every summer,
We watched in awe
The sparklers light up our faces
In the utter darkness
Of the warm and humid night.

Every summer,
We roasted marshmallows
While telling random stories
And singing campfire songs
Up until midnight.

Every summer,
We dangled our feet off the dock
And watched the tiny boats go by
As we thought of our wonderful time there
But how we couldn’t come back for a year.

Every summer,
Vacation ended
And we left that house
On that road
By that beach.

But even though we were sad to leave,
We were contented from the amazing memories we had there.


Copyright © 2002-2010 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose © 2002-2010 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission.